This page is a concept idea.  I’m looking for feedback.


  1. Create a YouTube channel for the church and post videos of sermons.  We could also utilize the channel to post videos made by church members to advertise events.  There is a lot we could do with this.
  2. Photo Galleries for events.  WordPress supports photo slideshows and galleries.  This could be used to document memories of events that are visible to all members of the church.
  3. Finally Privacy.  WordPress has a function to password protect web pages.  It is possible to make it so that only church members can log into the website.  I don’t believe that this is beneficial as we should want new people to find us.  I would like thoughts on this topic.  Until we hash through this please don’t share the website on Facebook as it is currently set to public.  I want to make sure that a public website is OK with everyone before we move in that direction with it.


Thanks for any feedback you can give on these ideas.  Rob

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Pastor: Raymond Purdy

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